Missing Classmates

Please take a look at the following list and let us know if you have any information on the following people.  If you can send us their email address, that's ideal, but any leads are appreciated. 

Better yet, if you're in touch with them, please tell them about this website and have them contact us. 

Steve Abendroth
Wayne Adelquist
Eric Ax
Gene Barnes
Robert Bassler
Ed Bralley
Teresa Bratsven
Cat Calcote
Tom Callaghan
Mary-Catherine Carlton
Scott Roderick Carruthers
Carmela Cervantes
Vicky Chapman
Teri Charno
Christine Chow
John Clarich
Marsha Clark (Sands)
Tom Coleman
Robert Cook
Manuel Costido
Richard Dean Edwards
Doreen Esteves (McCredy)
Mark Evans
George Fazekas
Herbert Allen Fletcher
Beverly Gatlin
Ana R. Gonzalez
Joseph Edward Gonzalez
Glen Helm
Mike Hill
Pyng Hsu
Bill Jackson
Carol Jeffries
John R. Kahler
Debbie Kam
Al Letcher
Loretta Lotito (Cicalese)
Cathleen Suzanne Mannina
Lorrie Matthews
Cori McLay
Pablo Humberto Mejia
Alex Mendoza
Cyndi Lee Miller
Keiko Miya
Becky Morales
Margaret Norton
Brian Olivi
Colleen Owen
Michael Pahan
Peter Herman Joonil Goetter Park
Martha Perkins
Habibah Poonja
Wesley Quan
Carrie Richter
Mark Riggs
Judi Sagendorf
Sheldon Douglas Sam
Carole Samples
Susan Samples
Hiromi Sato
Henry Cordes "Kris" Sharp III
Mary Ann Sherman
Jackie Smythe (Tryon)
Stephen Joseph Stepenski
Scott Brian Terry
Jeffrey Michael Tom Yoy
Stephen John Trybull
Deborah Tucker (Lee)
Lorraine Marie Uhl
Richard Joseph Vacca
Lisa Valentino (Downer)
Dennis J. Varhol
Shawn E. Walls
David Bushell Wight
Nancy Williams
Karen Wong
Andrew Robert Zahorecz

Guest Members

Wendy Dougall ('74) (Gute)
David Gerletti ('73)
Andy Gerletti (Son Of Dave '73)