In Memory

Karen Kincel

Karen Kincel

Karen's twin sister, Kathi, reported the sad news that Karen passed away on July 26, 2014.  Karen had been coping with tremendous pain following a near-fatal crash two years ago that left her with multiple fractures to her pelvis, ankle and other bones. She had been fearful that she would never be able to walk again, but was able to walk cautiously after a undergoing a spinal fusion.  Recently, she had been battling a systemic bacterial infection, which may have caused her early demise. 

Please share your memories of Karen in school and afterwards in the Comments section below.

Kathi(left) and Karen Kincel

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07/30/14 06:52 AM #1    

Gerry Sanchez

Karen and Kathy were 2 of my first friends in So.Pas. They became like family and made the transition from El Sereno to So. Pas much easier for me. I loved hanging out at their home. They were actually DWS's first supporters and groupies. They bought us our first microphone. Oh how I wish she would have joined us at one of our DWS get togethers. Karen and I were very close. The relationship never took on more than a deep brothery/sisterly love for eachother. We shared many life stories with eachother. I was always facinated by their relationship with the Osmonds. Karen would share many of her family photos with me as we sat for hours just yaking. I remember giving her my El Sereno football jersey that she said she used to sleep in. I ran into her once at a Pink Floyed concert, she said that she still had the jersey.  I wish we had stayed in touch. We did connect on Fb and exchanged phone numbers. I called, inviting her to meet for lunch, to no avail. Now I know why. I would ask her what was going on in her life but she never let on how serious her health issues were. I wish she did. I do know that she had faith in Christ, I take great comfort in this. I know that she is completely healed now and that we will see eachother again. I will never forget her smile, it was a doozy !

07/30/14 09:03 AM #2    

Peter Nolten

Karen bought the band our first real microphone. It was a "shure". She gave our band a voice. But more than that   Karen gave us inspiration. She was a good friend throughout years. 

07/30/14 03:50 PM #3    

Jenete (Jae) Etchart

Sweet Karen always smiling always joking around! In High School I use to go over to their home and Kathy and Karen were always great in being friends with. Karen you left this world too soon, may your family find comfort and peace knowing we are lifting them up in prayer and thoughts during this time of sorrow.

07/31/14 10:12 AM #4    

Anthony Kemper

Im stunned and at a loss for words, doesnt seem fair that such a beautiful soul is taken so soon but as the saying goes only the good die young and heaven got a good one thats for sure. At least as Gerry said she is healed now no more pain and suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with kathy and the rest of her family. There is a silver lining to this tragedy and that is we will all be together again one day.

07/31/14 12:22 PM #5    

Victor Markytan (Markytan)

Karen was pretty cool I liked her alot. Mortallity is a tuff one we all have to deal with throughout life within our familys and friends and its never really easy. I was in a bar in Bali in 1980 half liqured when a parade of sorts passed by. Bells gongs cosutmems ladies with 3 foot tall hats made of fruit and a bambo structure carried by 50 people. I followed it to the beach where I found out it was a funeral procession. On the beach a pire was built, lit up and a tremendus celibration proceeded. Anyway liqured or not - it all made sense and became clear as the person was given back to the air, water and earth where we came from........ Rest in peace Karen,  the rest of us are not far behind! Vic M

08/06/14 11:50 AM #6    

Tavo Olmos

Sweet Karen, a dear friend to so many. Away she goes in love and light.

08/06/14 02:28 PM #7    

Paul Ashworth

Like the others, I'm saddened by the news of Karen's passing. While it had been several years since we last spoke, Karen always possessed a special kindness that was revealed in her caring eyes, compassionate heart and friendly smile. We will meet again someday. Until then, I'm lucky to have many very fond memories of her. 

Paul Ashworth

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