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Marie McGowan (Hawkins)

Marie McGowan (Hawkins)

We were very sad to learn that Marie McGowan passed away on February 19, 2015.  Marie was a a beautiful woman who helped other people and loved nature and animals, especially her horses. We will miss her! Please add your memories of Marie below. 

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02/24/15 03:46 PM #5    

Buddy Anderson

Yes Phil, I too, recall her from our El Centro days. She was an attractive, but reserved kid, always very kind and thougthful in regards to everyone else...As we all kind of drifted apart in the subsequent years, we have lost contact, but we will always have those early, rich recollections...I'm sure some of you can fill in some of those gaps with some stories...

03/10/15 09:52 AM #6    

Gary Weiswasser (John Devon)

Well I remember when we had lockers fairly near to each other.  One time I said "hello" to her and she "hello" back, despite being a stratosphere above me in social standing. That made my year! Gary

03/11/15 09:46 PM #7    

Jana Corteway (Friedrich)

She was beautiful inside and definitely out, always a smile and a kind word

03/12/15 10:39 AM #8    

Ted Rudolph

I still have my memories of Marie from high school and want to share that she was a very special person that taught me through her interaction that you can find something positive in almost any person or situation.  She was able to walk between social barriers and treat everyone with respect.  It is a sad day for me and she will be missed and cherished for that compassionate and wonderful classmate I knew in my youth.     

03/13/15 12:30 PM #9    

Bryan Cook

Other than our kids, what we do for others; is the gift we leave to humanity… Marie McGowan was always approachable and giving of herself. I didn’t avail my self the opportunity to know her as well as some of you did, but let your stories of her, be the inspiration to those you touch. That kind of celebration does justice to a life fully lived… Go with God Marie!   




03/13/15 06:11 PM #10    

Jenete (Jae) Etchart

Marie was such a light I was so shocked to hear of her death. One moment she is riding her horse "Andy" on the beach and posting positive thoughts and the next moment she is gone. She was a beautiful soul and will be missed.

07/30/15 07:53 PM #11    

Linda Davis (Lyons)

Hi  So sorry to hear about Marie...we were friends back in Junior high..she was a beautiful girl inside and exciting memory with Marie McGowan was Feb 9th 1971...everyone was jolted awake at 6:am to the huge 6.7 Magnitude earthquake (Sylmar) centered in the San Gabriel Mountains..chaos all around--bulildings freeways houses were collapsing ...we were freak out. As we soon found out school was cancelled for the day...being about 14 years old getting out of school unexpectly was a surprise...calling my friend Marie we decided to rent a tandem bike and ride throughout  So. Pas..Alhambra..San Marino...discovering first hand how the earthquake effected our area...there was much laughter as we learned together by trial and error how to balance ourselves.  Later in time... as you may know my brother (step) Bill Hoist and Marie became a hot now we have lost two wonderful people that have impacted so many in positive ways...we missed their love and laughter. xoxoxo

08/01/15 06:12 PM #12    

Terry Burkett (Hall)

I've been wanting to write since I heard the news, and have not been able to find the words.  I was always a bit intimidated by Marie's beauty, but when I got to know her in Song Girls, I found that she was warm, and fun and very giving...far more than just a pretty face.  At the 30 year reunion, we had a great time reuniting, and I found that she was just as warm and friendly...and ofcourse, beautiful!  The photo with her horse is so fitting, showing her beautiful and incredible spirit.  It's hard wrapping my mind around losing both Jeni and Marie...a huge part of my past.....

08/04/15 01:47 AM #13    

Marja "Sista Asia" Wildenboer

 I am very saddened by the passing of my classmate worry. I met her at El Centro school one of my first girlfriend. As we all get older there's one thing that I've learned about there is life after we take our last breath.  I am sending and I'm not able to make our class reunion I have an event in Venice Beach on the 15th and I will dedicate part of that program to her and all our other classmates that are no longer with us, and to all of you that are reading this I pray that in your life right now I pray that you're happy healthy whole and complete. After I recovered from brain surgery four years ago my life has become  very humbled I pray that I will be able to reunite with some of you outside our union people list everyone much love and light ❤️

Rest in paradise Marie...

10/30/20 07:44 PM #14    

Lisa Grimm (Reeves)

Mary was my very best friend all through El Centro. We walked to school together, spent our afternoon's together, walked to the plunge and Burrs pharmacy. We knew each other's families ❤ so well. Her and I had reconnected at the reunion. We walked up at the same time and the next night had dinner together ❤ It was the best. It was like time had never changed. I was truly upset when her daughter called me and then when I talked to her sister Debbie. I loved her so much 😭. She was such a beautiful soul ❤ 💖 I will always love 💘 and miss ❤ her! God Bless you 🙏 Marie

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