In Memory

Alex MacDonald

Alex passed away at the age of 24 on March 31, 1982, in Los Angeles, California.

If you have additional details you would like to add about Alex's life or his death, or any corrections, please add your memories below or send us an email.

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04/26/09 06:30 AM #1    

J. C. Parman

Alex was my neighbor for 17 years. He was a good friend and playmate. We grew apart as we grew older as people do but, I'll always remember him. We must have played everyday for years.You are missed Alex.

01/16/16 08:34 PM #2    

Kim Kazarian (Coyle)

I grew up on the same street as Alex and JC for the first 12 years of my life. Alex and I walked to Kindergarten and back home again together everyday. We would hold hands at the request of our parents as they told us that would keep us safe  (Those were the days!).  He was the first boy to ever give me flowers (in Kindergarten) leaving them on my front porch on MayDay, obviously orchestrated by his mother. We all had a lot of fun playing up in the hills, sliding on cardboard down the dry grass, riding bicycles and playing ball, etc.  As we got older, the boys were wild from a girl's perspective, and I played less with them and more with the girls. Alex had a sweet soul. It's been a long time since Alex has passed, and I have to say that I still miss him. 

01/20/16 09:06 AM #3    

Mark Taylor

Alex and I were great friends in gramar school and I remember hanging out with him and JC and doing a little mischief.  What I loved about Alex was his smile and how easily and frequently it was on display.  The only negative I remember was riding my bike up that steep hill to get to his house. :-)  Mark T.

01/21/16 09:35 AM #4    

Robert Scanland

So good to read comments and fondly remember what a great guy he was. It is telling that after all these years Alex remains a bright spot in my life and I too still miss his warm smile and pleasant company. During HIgh School Alex, Kris Sharp and I went on a number of backpacking adventures and had some memorable experiences. I still vividly recal the night Alex, Kris and I huddled in our tent in Yosemite, in the dead of winter while a bear methodically went through each of our packs and ate everything edible and a few things that were not. That was long before the days of Bear boxes! 

Upon graduation Alex, his brother Chris and a friend of their's, Ron set off to do the John Muir trail. Ron had bought the food for the trip and bought enough to feed maybe one of us, maybe two, but definitely not four. Alex also had new boots and the results on his feet were not pretty. When we got to Red's Meadows, our first re-supply spot we sat down and ate the next week's worth of food! Through the entire trail trial Alex was good natured and took it all in stride.

Following that summer Alex headed off the UC Santa Barbara. I still recall the day, a year or two later,  he called to say he was battling a brain tumor/cancer. I saw him a couple more times and then was saddened when I heard he had lost the fight.

I will always cherish the times we spent together and the priveledge it was to have him as a friend. I look forward to walking with him again some day, in a place where there is no sickness or pain. Thanks for the fun times! 

01/23/16 10:05 AM #5    

Kim Kazarian (Coyle)

Oh My goodness!  Laughter and tears!  I remember hearing about the bear!  And yes, riding our bikes up that hill was crazy!  Thanks for sharing. 

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