In Memory

Tim Verdell

Tim passed away in Los Angeles on October 15, 1987, at the age of 30.

If you have additional details you would like to add about Tim's life or his death, or any corrections, please add your memories below or send us an email.

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02/22/09 12:09 AM #1    

Karen Kincel

WOW, I am saddened by our fallen classmate list. I will never feel "old" again. How sad it is that we lost so many, so young, for whatever reasons. Tim was a warm and loving soul. He tried to be comfortable in all situations which is difficut even now 30 years later. I will remember always, those that shared themselves and the smiles exchanged.

06/30/10 09:47 AM #2    

Frank Bales

I've never met anybody who didn't like Tim.  He was just one of those guys.  Gone but not forgotten.  The Verdells moved in to the house next to ours when we were 10 or 11.  I was blessed that we maintained our friendship to his end.  Tim included me in his wedding, I was lucky enough to know his bride since they started dating and was there with him when his son then later his daughter were born.  When it came to the couple's housing, I found them their apartment then later their home in Monrovia.

The two women I really feel sorry for are Tim's wife, Anna and his Mom.  Tim's Mom is the one who really lived Hell on Earth.  Tim's eldest brother died of leukemia just prior to the family's move from Pleaston CA to So. Pas.  Tim's other older brother, Dave, died of another form of leukemia at age 18 or 19.  Dave was also a good friend and he was a tough one to lose.  Not long after Tim died, his father died of bone cancer.  All of the men in the family died of cancer.  The only child that surved was an adopted daugter. 

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